What Summer Storms Might Do to Your Not-So-Free Auto Insurance Quotes

It’s finally time to sit back, relax and take in a breath of pollen-laden fresh air. Winter’s finally rolling past, and with it the never-ending threat of hitting a patch of black ice and plummeting off the road. But is the threat of weather-related accidents really over? Experts don’t think so, and they’re making sure you have plenty of not-so-free auto insurance quotes to show for it!

No, I’m not saying you can’t still get free auto insurance quotes. If you know how to go out on the web you’ve got what you need to find them! It’s important to realize, however, that a (general) absence of snow doesn’t necessarily mean the roads will be safe for traveling. Summer storms wreak plenty of havoc each year. Thousands, if not millions, of drivers have the notably raised insurance rates to show for it!

What’s so special about summer storms? Rain. Flooding. Wind. Reduced visibility. Idiots who’ve never lived south of the Mason-Dixon line doing 80 down rain-slick interstates, just begging to lose control and cause a 10 car pile-up. Is any of this sounding familiar? We see them all on the highways each year, and they’re getting worse rather than better.

In a recent article published by the Associated Press via ABC news Allstate, the second largest auto insurance provider in Texas, announced that the number of insurance claims paid out as a result of storms and bad weather that had absolutely nothing to do with snow was on the rise. Drivers in the area can expect to see the numbers on those free auto insurance quotes going up, and they’re not the only ones. Drivers all across the country could be feeling the sting if this trend continues.

So how do you keep your free auto insurance quotes a little more free than they might otherwise be? First and foremost, drive sensibly. There’s no shame in pulling over to the side of the road until the clouds have dumped enough rain for you to be able to see more than 2 feet in front of your headlights. Wet roads are slippery roads, particularly if you live down south. Drive with care. You might irritate the people behind you, but somewhere in their hearts they’ll be thanking you for getting them safely from point A to point B.

They didn’t need to be driving that fast anyway.

Remember, an increase in the number of claims paid each year, coupled with the steadily rising cost of auto repair, results in increased auto insurance quotes all across the country. You’re going to have to pay for it, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do all you can to keep summer storms from doing as little damage as possible to you, your car and your checkbook.